Things To Know Before Traveling To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a rugged country situated in Central America along the coastlines of the Caribbean and Pacific. Costa Rica is a country with dense rainforests scattered throughout the region. Costa Rica is well known for its volcanoes, beaches and massive biodiversity. After the 1980’s Republic of Costa Rica became an exotic attraction for tourists. It attracts thousands of tourists from the different part of the World to visit the mesmerizing volcanoes in Costa Rica. It surely won’t disappoint any traveler willing to traveling to Costa Rica for their vacation.


What I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Costa Rica


It would definitely be of a help to brush up your Spanish if you know the language. The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish which is spoken by the local people. The Latin American Spanish spoken locally is not exactly the same as the Spanish spoken in Spain. The words and also the pronunciation will greatly vary than the usual Spanish dialect. However, fortunately enough, the English language is quite widespread in this Latin American region. Places like hotels, restaurants and other places which attract tourist may be seen to be using English as their method of communication. Besides Spanish and English, some hotels situated in areas like Manuel, Antonio, Arenal and Puerto Viejo de Limon are run by foreigners from Italy, Germany and French. As a result in such places people could be found speaking German, Italian, and French etc. Other than Spanish there are other languages used by the locals such as Bribri, Maleku, Guaymi, Cabecar and Boricua.


Typical Cost:

The local currency used in Costa Rica is Colon. In some places, American Dollar is accepted. Typically Costa Rica is considered one of the most expensive countries to visit in Central America. As it is a hub for tourists it is quite expensive to travel to. Taking a vacation in Costa Rica might need one to have a hefty pocket to spend with. Staying there for vacation and spending on food and other utility expense will require one to have proper budget planning if the budget is tight.



As Costa Rica is a tourist hub there are numerous hotels and lodgings to stay in. Ranging from top-notch 5-star hotels and villas to simple yet sweet deluxe rooms that won’t burn a whole in your pocket. Nonetheless with proper research and planning before visiting there will save you tones of money. For a couple it would typically cost around 100-150 dollars to stay at a well furnished hotel room.



If you are a food lover Costa Rica will not disappoint you. From traditional Latin American cuisines to typical western cuisine of your choice. The local cuisine consists of Casado or widely known as Comida Tipica, which is one of the most common dishes. It is made up of beans; rice diced red bell peppers and onions, fried plantains, cabbage salad and a choice of different meat of your liking. Other unique and local foods are Ceviche, Gallo Pinto, Olla de Carne etc. To have nice meals throughout the day the average cost would range around 80 dollars for a single person.



Due to the high demand of tourist’s around the country, there will not be any sort of problem when travelling inside the country. There are numerous available transportation methods available within the country. One may choose private transfers, shuttles, rentals and also domestic flights. Moving around the country will not be a barrier at all. However, one thing to keep in mind that it is quite costly to move around the country in a luxurious manner. The cost of transportation really boils down to how much you want to explore. Nevertheless you should have a budget of at least 50 dollars to explore the land.


Traveling To Costa Rica


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What should first-time travelers see in a week?

Make sure you get in to see two locations. Before you go anywhere, specifically the beach, go and visit the volcano and the rain forest area stays there a couple of nights before going to the beach to enjoy the rest of the vacation listening to the soothing sound of the sea. The volcano areas offer extremely beautiful scenes where there are active volcanoes. In that location, you will find a hanging bridge, rafting, zip lining hot spring and much more.


Traveling To Costa Rica


Do not visit the volcano and the beach in one day:

To simply put it, it is too far away. You simply can’t visit both the places and enjoy quality time due to travel time will chunk up your time. It will take around 3-4 hours just to travel to and forth from the beach to the volcano. Also, the volcano area has far too much to see and do. So, don’t miss out make sure you stay there for a few days. There is a tower at the volcano known as “La Fortuna” where you will experience fantastic cultural experience which you won’t find at the beach as it really adds to the vacation. So in context, take your time to tour each place.


Traveling To Costa Rica


Will it rain all day in the Green Season?

If the answer was to be kept short then – no it does not rain all day during Green season. It usually rains in the afternoon and some parts of the country more than others. If you want the nice getaway in the middle of September make sure to go to the North West of the country. Costa Rica’s Guanacaste coast offers fantastic dry sunny weather in the high 90’s all year round. On the contrary, there are several advantages of travelling in the Green Season. The Wildlife is fantastic. It is quite hard to find such scenic displays of such in anywhere in the World. One of the best benefits of travelling there in green season is the fewer tourists. As it is an off season it is also quite easy to find discounts on hotels rooms during this time.


One of the best of time to traveling to Costa Rica is in the summer. Which is in around the June? It is when the rain cloud disappears in the afternoon and you will enjoy the lovely warm weather outside.


Should I rent a car? Drive Manual?  

A rental car will give you the flexibility to travel wherever you want however you want. However, there are several advantages in using private transfer service. The advantages you don’t have to drive on the Costa Rican roads, it does not matter how good your suspension is to get from point A to point B it is going to be a bumpy ride. The roads are not similar to the western countries where it is quite easy and smooth to cruise through. Unfortunately, the roads of Costa Rica are quite poor. There are no road signs and the finding addresses can be a horrific experience. Which in it of itself is a stress? Hence getting from A to B is not simple and may seem daunting at times. It may cause unnecessary stress, which you don’t need on your vacation. Instead, use a bi-lingual driver with which you can travel in comfort and enjoy your vacation vastly.


 Can I exchange money at the airport?

You can actually exchange your money at the airport. However it boils down to should you exchange it at the airport -the answer is no you shouldn’t. Costa Rica’s local currency is the Colon. You can use US dollars if you decide to make the purchase. It is recommended that you carry small dollar bills to make your purchases. However if you do need to exchange the money use the booth at the airport when necessary.

Traveling To Costa Rica

Talk to the hotel staff and your tour guide

More often than not we decide to have a relaxed undisturbed vacation and hence minimize our interaction with the people around us. But if you want to maximize the experience of your vacation then interacting with the locals will help you spice up your vacation. Talk to the hotel staff you may be able to find out exotic places around which you may not have known or aren’t well publicized. Heck, you may also end up listening to a good local tico story. Also, talk to your tour guide. The local Costa Rican tour guides are always so enthusiastic about telling about their country that it may actually mesmerize you. Talking to them may also actually end up with them taking extra special care of you.


To summaries traveling to Costa Rica destinations, which are visited by thousands of people from around the globe, are very exotic and offer pleasure which is very to find elsewhere. Not only is the country quite thrilling to take a vacation in but also a natural counterpart of the country makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The tips that we shared can be marked as “Costa Rica Guide” in your diary as these will definitely help you in your next visit to the beautiful country. Make sure to plan ahead to have a pleasing journey ahead of you.



Traveling To Costa Rica

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