Incredible experiences of traveling throughout India

Traveling Throughout India: If you think traveling as an experience of soul-searching than you can learn much about new cultures, places and the wonders of nature. Do you know that India not only a country, but also it has the resources to get experience like a continent belong? I mean, there are many different things to learn and places to visit.

Here are some incredible experiences of traveling throughout India:

Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India rafting

1. Rafting

So the sound of running water is the beautiful. And the team spirit of the adventure is coming along. These makes the water sport a must try. As a beginner, you can select for rafting in Coorg and Dandeli in Karnataka, and in Kolad of Maharashtra. But, when you are more adventurous and sporty, you can try rafting at the Ganges in Rishikesh and the river Tons in Garhwal, the Brahmaputra in Assam and Teesta in Sikkim.

Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India-scuba-diving

2. Scuba Diving

The Scuba Diving experience is similar to watching the live episode of life on the water  channel of National Geography. Dive into the sea in the deep of a few meters, you will see and feel of a different world. From the schools of fishes to corals to other species that maybe you have never heard- you are among these lively. If you dive one time, the excellent experience turns to do more. Having a PADI certificate. Consequently you can dive anywhere in the seas of the world. Scuba diving places in India are famous Goa, Andaman, Netrani Island and Pondicherry.

Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India - Trekking

3. Trekking

Mountain Trekking in the Himalayas to watch the snow like the golden glow with the rays of the sun at Sandakphu to feel the Mother Nature’s vastness of the valley of flower in Uttarakhand and you can watch the envelopes of cloud similar to a blanket by standing at the top of a cliff. There are many trekking destinations in India with different levels of difficulty. For seasonal trekkers and the beginners, there are many options. You can join at the trekking expeditions from many of them, like India Hikes, YHAI, Mumbai Hikers and many more organizations.


Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India - Jungle Trail

4. Jungle Trail

The Jungle Trailing is a completely different type of experience. You can learn to identify the animals’ footprints, watching wild birds, insects, squirrels, reptiles, etc. which allows knowing about the ecosystem. It’s the best way to be introduced with wildlife. Some of the reserved forest areas offer jungle trail with their guide because there is a chance for missing in the jungle.

Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India - Jungle Trail

5. Outdoor Camping

For outdoor camping, there are tents for rent, other camping materials are available. So, after collecting these, start driving to the open space nearby to come closer to nature. Tweets of birds and course make you waked up and laze around with some munch snacks and discover the outdoors. At the sunset time, chat with beloved one to enjoy- about the future, general life, spirituality and personal relationships. You can enjoy the moment with some childish jokes.

There are many Incredible Experience of Traveling Throughout India out of these are described above. And you will find something more and different when you start traveling in India.

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