5 Best Experiences Traveling to Dubai in the Summer

The best experiences traveling to Dubai in the summer: Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates and the main city of the country as well. We traveled  to Dubai for a short holiday of 4 days. It was an awesome time for us in Dubai. I like most to travel in Dubai for those awesome destinations of the world. I’ve traveled 5 times here & love these all spots.

So, the best experiences traveling to Dubai in summer with listing of top 5:

1. Dubai Foundation – Number one Attraction in Dubai

Dubai Foundation The proverb says that the best things in life come free. It’s certainly made true after seeing the Dubai Foundation in Dubai – the biggest choreograph fountain system in the world on the lake of the Burj Khalifa.

The fountains are animated with the setting of music and sound performances. Our expectation was not more from the fountains initially, but we spent about 3 hours with the addiction of the fountain, and are fond of that not leaving the place!

It opens at 6 pm and runs up to 10 pm with 30-minute interval per hour. Each of the performance is for 5 to 7 minutes long.

Best Traveling Experiences to Dubai - Desert Safari

2. Dubai Desert Safari

Without Desert Safari your Dubai experience remains incomplete. It needs about a half day to get the experience for those who are fond of thrills. It’s really a memorable thing. There are many companies providing the trip. They will take you from the hotel to straight to the border of Oman.

The pure thrill starts from here for the next half an hour. Watching driving of the vehicle is a great experience here. Then, you’re at the camp with BBQ, huge soft drink as well as water. A camp is available for tattoos, henna, quad biking and camel rides. There is also an arrangement of some music and belly dance later on.

Best Traveling Experiences to Dubai in the Summer - Marina Walk

3. Dubai Marina Walk

The experience of Dubai Marina Walk is extremely hard to share for its 7 km elongated walkway is extended all around the Marine Bay. It’s super luxury yachts and pure fancy sight with the stunning background of the Marina is probably the tallest skyscraper cluster with many restaurants and cafes.

These made the place completely special and different. Especially, at the night time, the place lightened up and looks like a perfect scene of any gorgeous Hollywood movie.

There are arrangements of walking for hours, sitting and shopping to spend your evening time.

Best Traveling Experiences to Dubai in the Summer - Burj Khalifa

4. Burj Khalifa – the Highest Building with the Earth

Burj Khalifa is famous for its height because it’s the highest building on the earth. You can go on top of the Burj Khalifa to see whole Dubai and take a selfie from 124th floor to share with friends on Facebook or Twitter account.

The Dubai Mall is the entrance of the Burj Khalifa. Its swanky elevator will take you to the 124th floor in less than a minute of time. Spend your time on top. You will look for more chance to visit it again and again.

Traveling Experiences to Dubai in the Summer - Dubai Mall

5. Dubai Mall

So when you visit Dubai Mall, you will think traveling abroad is nothing but a waste of valuable time. Because difference of Dubai Mall is at its huge size, you would not be able to finish seeing everything in a single day.

It’s among the largest malls having over 1200 shops and its total floor size is equivalent to two international football grounds. The visitors to Dubai Mall per year are more than the total residents of New York City.

Dubai is a great place to visit. It’s really amazing to visit Dubai. You will find things more real than that shared in the article on best experiences traveling to Dubai in the summer!

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