5 Traveling Destinations Without a Passport

5 Traveling destinations without a passport: Are you longing for gateway of long-distance, but having no passport? Okay, it’s not a problem at all! There are five faraway destinations overseas visiting where, you need not to carry a passport, according to the Customs & Border Protection in the USA.

Here are 5 Traveling destinations without a passport

So, why do you make delay for? Get set and go to enjoy at these 5 Destinations traveling without a Passport:

Traveling destinations without a passport

1. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is officially the island of the USA’s unincorporated territory. It’s a travelers’ favorite of the neighboring 48. Affordable airfares of Southwest, Spirit and JetBlue have made Puerto Rica the option of economical for the east coasters. It has become the best choice of the TripAdvisor Travelers’ in 2013 for its Isla de Vieques Island among the Caribbean island. It offers exploring to the visitors unspoiled beaches and Kayak Bay’s bioluminescent. The political status of the island has been changed in 2012, at the voting in favor of statehood with a record of 61%, nut still the U.S. visitors can travel to Puerto Rica without their passport.

Traveling destinations without a passport

2. Virgin Islands of the U.S.

Virgin Island is a little far away from Puerto Rico by air to traveling without a Passport. It’s contains 3 islands mainly –  St. Thomans, St. John and St. Croix- with scattering of some small islands. The US Virgin Island travels more than 2.6 million people in every year. Actually, tourism as well as rum is the major source of economy of the islands. Every island has its own special appeal. The national parkland with legendary diving on the St. John Island will give charm with accurate escapists. St. Thomas is the dream of shoppers with a huge of jewelers and boutiques and 2 busy terminals of cruises. St. Croix is the paradise of luxury honeymoon seekers. The US Virgin Islands and the neighboring British Virgin Islands are to be visited without passport by the US citizens.


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Traveling destinations without a passport

3. Northern Mariana Islands

The Micronesian Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, has been ruled by many others through their long history, like Spanish, Japanese, and finally the US. Now, the economy of the islands depends on tourism heavily from the tourists of neighboring Japan, Korea and the U.S. The historical Saipan is found in the biggest island, Marianas, which is the field of many war museums and memorials. Thrill seekers can jump the Grotto, a cave of limestone whose 70-foot-deep waters are home to reef sharks and ocean turtles, or take a pontoon to the adjacent tidal pond encompassing Managaha Island. While the Mariana Islands are generally remote, a few noteworthy inn administrators, including Hyatt, run four-and Saipan’s five-star properties.

Traveling destinations without a passport

4. Guam

Guam is similar to the Northern Marianas, was the colony of the Spanish, Japanese and finally the U.S. nationals. Guam’s 2nd largest source of income is from the U.S. military, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard base. There are many things to do in the vivid Islands of Guam. The beach of Tumon is well known for snorkeling, Gueam’s divers visibility in water up to 150 feet. There are Two Lovers Point and the cliff-side lookout presents some perfect panoramas of 400 feet higher than the Philippine Sea. There is a dramatic legend of lovers is star-crossed.

Traveling destinations without a passport

5. American Samoa

To complete the list with the unincorporated area of American Samoa combined with 5 Volcano Islands and 2 atolls between the Cook Islands and Fiji. A true destination is off-the-beaten-path. There are some hotels in Tutuila and its neighboring islands, not much infrastructure for tourists. You will find waters of the coral-filled, sculpted lava at craggy coastlines along with untouched beaches. American travelers can fly via Hawaiian Airlines to American Samoa.

Traveling destinations without a passport

These 5 Destinations, traveling without a Passport are a great change to save money for passport and visa fees and it conserve time as well. So, you need nothing, just get an air ticket and a luggage…and go

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