Travel Tips for The Traveler

Travel tips for the traveler: You must be excited for your first time traveling. Why not? You are going to gather some new experiences.

Some Travel Tips for the Traveler Who are experiencing for First Time

Most of the people make some common mistake at their first time travel, like other mistakes that you do in your life’s face. Here are some travel tips for the traveler who are experiencing for First Time:


You’re charmed for your first trip, making everything locked – hotel, transfer, breakfast, lunch and everything. So, you need not to be worried about anything, right? But, you’ll realize soon that it pays to have a little flexibility. Obviously, booking is not an ignorable thing at all. But, you should keep a space in your itinerary for any change and need to take the opportunities that your booking agent offers.

travel tips for the traveler

Don’t Depend on Travel Agent for Everything

You can book your entire travel trip easily through the internet. Travel agents are safe for these as well. But, it does not indicate to depend on them for all things. If you book your flight and travel accommodation package by yourself, you can save some money.

Being afraid of the locals

All first timers are subconscious about their money belts, set faces as “suspicious”, always worried about the scam, or who can try to cheat you. It’s not easy to find out the crooks from the locals to visit a new place for the first time, so many people just misunderstand everybody. It’s a wrong thing. Most of the locals don’t try to get you. When you trust most of them – you’ll get more friends as a reward.

Being scammed

It’s common that there could remain some scammers, and the new travelers are their usual targets. This scamming happened with me at my first, second and third time. It’s hard to avoid this, because often you are dealing for something and the scammers are there doing it for their whole life. You should rolling with some punches and try to avoid more cash with you.

Trying to observe everything

For this reason, people like the group tours, and people like to see thing “7 countries within 12 days” and they think it’s a good thing. You may think that this is your overseas trip to see in so far as possible – you like to tick the boxes as much as you can carry. But, it’s not a good idea. You should have trust that you’ll trip again. Seeing everything at the first visit, calm down and try to be familiar with a country.

Underestimating expenses

It’s a deal- you’ll find that everything is costlier than that you thought about before. From your flights to the beers that you might be wanting to buy at night, you’ll see everything is a little more expensive. Your expenses would be two times more than you planned. So, before traveling you should save more money for these extra expenses.

travel tips for the traveler

Buying Huge Things

When you’re going to buy bananas from a travel shop, you’ll spend thousands in there; taking a special travel shirt, compression sacks, breathable material, money belt, hiking shoes, Karabiners and many more, which is not worthy of you. Because, when you wear a money belt, then you’re invited to “rob me”.

Travel Insurance is not taken

Travel insurance is an important thing; even your trip may be for one week long. It’s easy to get sick, or falling in an accident, missing your bags. A small amount of money for an insurance policy could save a lot.

These travel tips could be helpful for the travel tips for the traveler to some unknown and new place. If you follow these tips, you may remain safer than others.

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