Travel Packing List, Best List for a Foreign Trip

It could be your first or hundredth trip to foreign; it’s very helpful to make a Travel packing list or checklist when you are on the foreign trip. You must keep it as Bookmarked the Travel Packing List, because you will feel the necessity of this list when you will think of the tour.

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This is your Travel Packing List for a Foreign Trip

The Travel packing list is the most important part of your any travel. If you forget to take any of the essential things, it could cost you much. So, here is the travel checklist for your foreign trip:

Clothing and its related things

  • Shirts/blouses- you need about 5 pieces of short or long-sleeved shirts or (in case of females) blouses in the blend of cotton/polyester. It also depends on the length of your trip.
  • Shorts/Pants- You have to take 1 pair cottoned lightweight and 1 pair of super lightweight for muggy and hot big cities.
  • Socks and Underwear- You should take 5 sets of lightness and quick drying socks and underwear of 100% cotton.
  • Shoes- Take 1 pair of comfortable shoes for a walk with good grip.
  • Lightweight wool or Sweater- Warm and dim is best — for layering and sprucing up.
  • Jacket- Bring a light and water-safe jacket with a hood. Impartial hues used to look more European than splendid ones.
  • Tie or scarf. For moment respectability, bring anything lightweight that can break the tedium and make you look awesome.
  • Swimsuit- To utilize open pools, you’ll require a bathing suit.
  • Sleepwear/loungewear- Comfortable road wear —, for example, shorts, stockings, T-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, and other lightweight athletic apparatus.

Important Travel Documents

Travel Packing List

Following travel documents are most important to collect before a trip:

  • Passport, visa(s) and tickets along with personal ID, including your student ID (if any you are having)
  • Frequent Flyer card with other cards of loyalty program, like hostel or hotel
  • Credit or Debit cards with some cash and Health & travel insurance document or card
  • Contact number of your hotel or resorts and tickets of transportation like bus, car or train
  • Some important addresses and emergency contact numbers (any contact number should be memorized for some emergency situation)

Travel Packing List

Some other important things to be noted

  • Get HealthyTake some medical advice before your trip. For this purpose you can visit the country government official website.
  • Read up about the trip- You should know and take a list of your visiting country’s the do’s and Don’ts, including their local culture, customs, weather, transport, religious instances.
  • Check the ATM cards- You should call your bank to know them that you are going for an overseas trip, so they will not cancel your fund when you request for. And check the ATM cards for your balance.
  • Get snap happy- Camera is must for a foreign trip to keep you traveling moments for some next years.

Travel Packing List

Moreover, for your Travel packing list for a Foreign Trip, you should collect a phrase book and carry it everywhere. It can save your life. At least, it can save from the chance of missing a flight.


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