Top Surfing Places in the Philippines

Top Surfing Places in the Philippines : The Philippines, the land of surrounded by the Celebes Sea, the Philippines Sea, the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The most unique things in the Philippines is its 7,107 islands, as a result huge places for surfing. It’s the land of paradise for surfers.

Some Top Surfing Places in the Philippines

Top Surfing Places in the Philippines

Instead of many islands and islets, all of them have not been developed for surfing or doing all kinds of seaside activities, yet, but some of them are awesome for surfers. Here are some top places surfing in the Philippines:

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Baler should be visited first before of going some other destinations for surfing. The classic Apocalypse Now in 1970 has been shooting here. The team left a surfing board for the people of its locality, and, it made a splash! Culture of surfing is conceived in the nation! The surfing spots in Baler oblige both the advanced and novice surfers. The medium sized waves hit in the Sabang Beach, at Cemento Beach, which additionally has the nearby surfing rivalries, offers substantial, more grounded waves. The best time to come surfing in Baler is around October to April, when the northern swell achieves waves at the perfect way.


Siargao is more thrilling than Baler with satisfied waves. It’s famous as the Philippines’ Surfing Capital, and its Cloud 9 beaches are world-famous, a surfing spot with ranks of 8th along the world best surfing destinations. Only one thing of alert: it’s Siargao which is not for the new surfers! The waves are reaching up to 7 feet of high at the season, and it is along these lines not suggested for the individuals who have not comprehended the game. Still, Siargao is the best place to observe a percentage firsthand of the world’s expert surfers.

Top Surfing Places in the Philippines

San Juan of La Union

La Union is closest to Manila, and you can go there by roads. The waves of this spot are perfect all around the year, but they are at the peak level in the month of December and January. San Juan is well known for the most affordable costs of surfing schools. There are surfing shops getting rent of a surfboard, if you don’t have it. If you go there, you should go to Carille, which is five minutes far away from San Juan, because it’s the top recommended surfing spot.

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Surfing Siargao Island in Philippines

Real, Quezon

Real, Quezon is another famous surfing spot closer of Manila, not more than 90 minutes travel. The waves of Real are usually friendlier and are recommended for the beginners of surfing. Its waves breaking on the sands, not on the hard coral reefs, as a result, here is easier learning how to surf. Moreover, surfing lessons are available at the reasonable costs, starting at 500 Php including the surfboard.

Bagasbas in Daet (Camarines Norte)

Daet is nearer of Manila, so Camarines Norte’s shorelines at Daet is dotted with full of tourists in the weekend. But, it’s not the only attraction for the visitors; its waves are balanced perfectly. It depends on the season, the veteran and newbie surfers welcomed by the waves here. Daet’s Bagasbas beach is mostly visited spot of surfing among other destinations in this area for its moderated waves break on sandbars.


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These best and Top Surfing Places in the Philippines is a different charm of the country. So, if you’re fond of surfing, why are you waiting for? Come to visit the world best surfing destinations.

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