First Time In Bangladesh? 6 Things To Do In Dhaka

Well to see you here. So you are thinking to go Bangladesh for a vacation, what should you definitely add in your list? There are to many things to do in Dhaka. Well, I have been describe you about very developed town Dhaka where I traveled recently. Dhaka is a very popular and busy mega city in Bangladesh. But it is capital of historical interest also. Its fame attracted travelers from far and near throughout the ages. There are many things to do in Dhaka city. If you are a foreigner then you can pass your lazy evening with much interesting moment not only in Dhaka capital but also in Dhaka Division.

Let’s Check The Best Guide Things To Do In Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you are planning to visit in Dhaka but being confused, what things to do in Dhaka then here some scoop info for you. I have share here for you some of the best place to visit and your others destinations to plan your to do work in Dhaka.

1. Places to visit

A) Historical places: There are many historical places to visit in Dhaka city. Ahsan Manjil, Lalbagh Fort, Parliament Building, Armenian Church, Dhakeshwari Temple, National Poet’s Graveyard and many more.
B) Mosque: Dhaka is known the world over as the city of mosque. Khan Mohammad Mridha’s Mosque, Star Mosque (Tara Masjid), Baitul Mukarram Mosque, Lalbagh Shahi Mosque etc are very famous for their statistical and historical appearance.


things to do in Dhaka

C) Museums: Also you may visit in many museums like Bangladesh National Museum, Liberation War Museum, Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, National Museum of Science & Technology and many more.

D) Zoo: If you like nature and animals and thinking about what are going to do in Dhaka city you can try in National Zoo at Mirpur in Dhaka. It is a national zoo of Bangladesh and has many much local and foreign animals.

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2. Good place for having Food

There are many good quality hotel and restaurant in Dhaka. Our traditional food is very rich in test. Also Continental, Chinese, Thai, Indian all kind of cuisine you can get in this city. So if you are a foodie and love to explore new taste of different foods then Dhaka will be your top most choice to find them. The street food of Dhaka is very popular also. Grab a bite and wiggle your test bauds!

3. Spent some times on boating


things to do in Dhaka

In Dhaka city there are three rivers named BURIGONGA, TURAG and SEETOLOKKHA. You can see their beauty in your lazy evening.

There is also some charming lake and park in Dhaka city. They named like as RamnaPark, RamnaLake, DhanmodiLake, GulshanPark, GulShanLake, Hatir Jheel, Beiry Baadh and so on. If you are like to have fishing or boating please don’t forget to visit there.

5. Shopping

May you are not shopaholic but a city tour couldn’t complete without shopping. There are many shopping malls in Dhaka but Bashundhara City and Jamuna Future Park are biggest of them. Also you can go Dhaka New Market, Chadni Chok, Gaosia Market for shopping. Local and global all kind of goods are available here.


things to do in Dhaka

6. What’s more

Last but not least inside of an organized chaos there is a charming side of Dhaka city. . If you thinking about what more you can do in Dhaka city, you can try to have a nice journey with ‘rikshaw’. It may be rare in many counties.  While traveling with it you will experience the honking horns, the chatter and laughter of people, the smell of cooking around the corner, the colors in the bazaar. Believe me, is most interesting journey with it.

In conclusion most things to do in dhaka, usually start little later then you had previously planed. The cause? Traffic jam. Yes, in Dhaka city it’s very ordinary to see traffic jam. But surly when you start your journey to do things in Dhaka you will be amaze!

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