Surfing Siargao Island in Philippines

Best Time to Surfing Siargao Island in Philippines: This place was fully unknown at one time; its visitors were local day trippers and the surfers who are more adventurous. At the present, Siargao is the place for all serious surfers must visit. It’s mainly for Cloud 9 and John Callahan, a surf photographer of the U.S.A., who made the place public with his photo features to various magazines early in 90.

Surfing Siargao Island in Philippines

Description of Best Time to Surfing Siargao Island

Now, Siargao Island has become the Philippines’ surfing capital. During the surfing season in Siargao, it becomes the paradise of the surfers with 7 ft high waves. Cloud 9 is the home of the surf beach and it becomes 8th surfing spots by CNN Go among the surfing regions in the world.

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Best Surfing Time: Siargao has good quality, big and constant waves from October to May, about 8 months perSurfing Siargao Island year. The waves of the most consistent come from the swell of north-eastern, from November to March, the average height of the waves is 7ft. If you’re an irregular surfer, it’s the possible, even a greater degree a shoreline bummer (as I’m), this spot is unquestionably justified regardless of a visit. The view is mind blowing, with the relieving sound of the waves and the well known surfer’s promenade where you can appreciate the acrobatic moves of a percentage of the coolest surfers around.

It’s also best surfing season for Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is the most renowned surfing regions in the Philippines, which has been rated eighth best surf spot on the planet,  is a flawless dashing right hand reef break yet with extremely sharp coral at the bed of the sea, therefore Cloud 9 is prescribed only for the advanced and expert surfers.

What is Cloud 9?

The Could 9’s hollow nature perfectly has helped putting the area on the on the surfing map internationally and this site holds the “annual Siargao Cup” of surfing contest for domestic as well as international surfers. Cloud 9 is not only in the region of waves, there are some other classic waves in Siargao along with the offshore islands.

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Some spots are turning out to being more famous, like Rock Island and Pacifico; but there are still some shrouded pearls out there simply holding up to be ridden. There is a motivation behind why Siargao is known as The Surfing Capital of the Philippines! Siargao isn’t all pretty much the surf. It likewise offers an extensive wealth of common attractions for the non-surfers. You can unwind on the shorelines and rock pools; investigate the across the board mangrove holds and inland woods, finding shrouded supernatural waterfalls and caverns. The Cloud 9 locale has notoriety for being a moderate shoddy destination with numerous settlement, eatery and bar choice accessible. In case you’re considering making a trip to Siargao, Cloud 9 is considered as the best base camp place.

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So, Best time to Surfing Siargao Island is from October to May, but if you are not a professional or advanced surfer, you must avoid surfing at Cloud 9, because this region could be dangerous for the strangers.

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