My First Tattoo – Painful Experience, More Than Expectation

Some people are worried for their first tattoo. I got my tattoo for the first time. I was thinking that it could be nice to Mooks considering to get their first tattoo on everything happens on a bird’s eye view. It also happened to me, but all experiences are not same for everybody.

My first tattoo–Painful Experience, More Than Expectation from the beginning to the end:

From the time that I set for the tattoo in the parlour up to the time the tattoo was completed and healed well, I am sharing my first tattoo experience here.

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My First Tattoo


So Many Researches before Getting the First Tattoo

Before one month of getting my tattoo, I started to get. Had visited the shop of the ink artist, along with four special parlours of tattoo makers. Also browsed online the artists’ portfolios of the parlours that I had visited. I tried to know about the exact artist who can make my first tattoo. Also took images that I want to get and talked with them about their drawing process, its cost, and many more things.

Critical Time at the Parlor

My appointment day was terrified. I don’t like to have pain at all. Although, I’m 20 years old, but I still cry getting shot every time. It already has begun with wimp on the top when the sound of pain comes. My mother told me about it hurt. The largest fear was that I could not have the ability to handle the pain, even its quit half. But when my tattoo maker showed and told me the process she works, I like it and my fear was evaporated quickly.

How did I Get My First Tattoo

My tattoo makers made an outline of the tattoo first. I was as stiff as a board at the time she started first. I realized quickly that it was just unbearable pain in my body. It was not practically existent. I was feeling the head of the needle on the back and I understood that the process that I knew it was longer than that one. Then, she rubbed some ointments into the tattoo to ensure it’s moist and make irritation less. When she finished just the outline. I was excited to see it in the mirror, but my excitement was killed quickly when I was told that she is going to make the outline once again. She used a large needle that need not say, it was not a pleasure to me.


First Painful Tattoo Experience


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After Care for the First Tattoo

After care for the first tattoo was difficult too.  At the stage of aftercare, you should wash the tattoo several times per day and an ointment to apply on it. It also depends on, to be healed, where the tattoo is made. It could be stuck to your clothes in the first some days. So, you should take care of your clothes, otherwise, the color of your cloth comes off permanently.

How to Maintain the Color of Tattoo

Stay away from the sun for few days. For this, I bought SPF 100+, Because, I don’t like fading my color. My first tattoo artist suggests me to apply sun block thoroughly each time when the tattoo goes in the sunlight. In case of your carelessness, your skin color of the tattoo area will be fading quickly.

So, when you consider making a first tattoo, you must ensure yourself doing huge researches for tattoo parlors and tattoo artists. You should not take the decision to get a tattoo when you don’t have enough time to care of it.

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