My Experience of Learning Spanish

I am sharing my experience of learning Spanish today. However, reaching in the airport at Mexico City, I was thinking in my mind that how should be asked somebody to show the direction of the Cuernavaca auto-bus terminal. The direction was had with me of the terminal, but I was looking for the auto-bus terminal. I had the English language with me for vocal communication.

Let’s have a look how I’m getting my experience of learning Spanish

But my experience of learning Spanish is to being clear here. I asked about it to some security men, but I realized that they are not able to understand my language. So, I told one of them mentioning the bus that goes to Curnavaca. There was a sign of bus and I drew attention to it and utter ‘Cueravaca’. Finally he understood my gesture and showed me the terminal’s way, and then I reached the terminal. Later on, I laughed myself and realized the difficulties to communicate with people of Spain without the Spanish (Espanol).

Starting of Learning Spanish

experience of learning Spanish from old manI started to understand and learn Spanish with a great effort, because the course I choose that was in the Spanish Language. Most of the teachers speak very little English and some didn’t use English at all. I translate the lectures in English for proper realization the classes of non-English lessons. In the class of conversation to talking about something in the Spanish language, I used to mix up English and Spanish language. It’s a good learning experience and interesting to study other language than the own one.

Trying & Failing to talk in Spanish

I started to going in a Spanish class to learn it better. When I enrolled for lesson, I felt that it was a very sensible idea. I also felt that gradually it’s improving my speaking skill of Spanish. First time, I tried to talk in Spanish and failed for wrong spelling and pronunciations. When I completed the basic level, it came to my control slowly.

In the semester of the Spanish course, I didn’t score very badly, but it was not wonderful. I knew that studying Spanish language is a manageable job, because so many people have successfully learnt the language all over the world. Why not with me too? So, within few months I attempt heart and soul myself to get skilled in Spanish.

Experiences in my Spanish study

One of my teachers, who was not liked by the students for her strict and serious personality, I was in her class for first two weeks. She used to speak a very small amount of English. I tried to translate into English so I can understand her. Our secretary requests me to take as my language teacher. I realized that she was very helpful and doing her best for me and then I chose her as my teacher.

My Experience of Learning Spanish with children

She was changed in ways of teaching within a week. And was able to listen as well as understand and started joking and laughing with me too. She told me that learning other language is very difficult and we should go ahead slowly. We started to help one another and she became best with me.

My Experience of Learning Spanish brought another experience that if you feel someone, it will reply with the same way. In the last day of my class my teacher said with emotion, laughter and joy that I was that only student that she shared her life story with me.

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