Best Traveling Destinations in Africa

Selecting the Best Traveling Destinations in Africa is a little harder task as the diversity and the size of the continent of Africa. Here are some places to visit in Africa, according to the reviews of its most of the visitors. These places could make your travel plan worthy.

Some Best Traveling Destinations in Africa to See

Here are some Best Traveling Destinations in Africa to See. We have selected these from the large list of amazing places all around Africa. Let’s have a look:

Best Traveling Destinations

1.  Victoria Falls of Zambia/Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls is unlike anything quite getting the soaking from its roaring. Its impressive spray from the points of lookout, make a feeling of the torrential rainstorm continuing in the place. The Victoria Falls is situated in between Zimbabwe and Zambia in the Southern Africa.

The Falls are about one mile wide (about 1.7 Km) with the height of 108 meters (355 feet). During the rainy season, the Falls provides more than 19 million cubic feet (similar to 500 million liters) of water over the edge of the Zambezi River. The huge quantity of water produces the spray of one thousand foot height shoots and it could be seen from 30 miles from its original point of source.

Best Traveling Destinations

2.  Pyramids of Giza in Egypt

The historical Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, just a little slight from Cairo. The Pyramids are representing the greatest man made architectural feats. These are the last and final survived member of the World seven Wonders. Giza’s the Great Pyramid is the oldest tourist attraction of the world which is built 5000 years ago.

Actually, there are 3 Pyramids in chief at Giza; the Great Pyramid (or Cheops) of Khufu, The Kafhre’s Pyramid and the minor one is the Pyramids of Menkaura. All of the Pyramids are the tombs of various Egyptian Kings. There is a Sphinx in front of the Pyramids. It calls in Arabic Abu al-Hol that means “The Father of Terror.”

Best Traveling Destinations

3.  Cape Town in South Africa

It’s Cape Town which is highlighted any trip to South Africa. The natural beauty has made Cape Town the top attractions among the cities across the world. The beautiful beaches and impressive Table Mountain are the heart of Cape Town. It has world class restaurants with their famous wines. It’s the most diverse city with the reputation of social tolerance.

Best Traveling Destinations

4.  Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is located in Morocco at the bottom of the Atlas Mountains. It’s the imperial, large, polluted, fascinating and noisy city of Morocco. You can get much fun when you allow the assault of your sense.

There are many things to observe. You need about 3 days to see all things of Marrakech. You should stay in the old town named Medina at Riad, because fun is all there. You should not miss the movement of the suoqs of the Majorelle Gardens and the Djemma-el-Fnaa, are most attractive to the visitors.

Best Traveling Destinations

5.  Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

The continent of Africa is well known for the adventure traveler. It could give you more adventures, hiking up on the tallest mountain with free standing of the world, the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It’s the highest peak of Africa with 5896 meters height and it requires about 6 days going on its peak.

So, this Best Traveling Destinations in Africa with Top Places is really worth to see. If you plan to travel somewhere in Africa, keep these spots on your list.

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