Best travel destination place in Bangladesh

Bangladesh that is a full of natural beauties. Would you like to visit this attractive and best travel destination place in Bangladesh? In the country, there are many attractive places for you, when you can easily visit. They are in places around Dhaka city, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sundarban, Sylhet etc. Billions of tourists visit these wonderful places, every year. However, at this instant I write about these excellent destinations in Bangladesh.

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar : It is the longest sandy sea beach of the whole world. If you like beaches, it is the best place for you. In the tourism world, it is hot. Most people want to visit this wonderful longest sea beach. Many people from abroad every year come to visit this 125 km longest remarkable sea Beach. This mind blowing place is situated 152 km south of Chittagong (known as the business capital of Bangladesh).

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh - Patenga Beach

Patenga Beach : This famous beach of Bangladesh is situated 14 Km south of Chittagong. This beautiful beach is near of the Karnaphuli River. This spot is very attractive to natural lover. From this spot people who come here can easily enjoy sunrises and stunning sunsets.

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh-Saint Martin

Saint Martin : It is a coral island. It is the northern part of the Bay of Bengal. This place is famous for coconut trees to a visitor for. Visitors can take fresh coconut juice from here. This spot is also known as Daruchini Dip. In the few past years its visitor has dramatically increased. There are many movies take shoot here.

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh-Rangamati

Rangamati: It is a hill track district. Mainly Buddhist people of Bangladesh live here. This area is famous for the hanging bridge, water Lake, sky touching mountain, colorful tribes and scenic beauty.

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh - Kaptai Lake

Kaptai : This place is becoming famous day by day very rapidly for the lake. Every year many people come here to see the beautiful scenery of this lake. This popular place is situated in Chittagong division. Its maximum depth is 150 meters and the average depth is 100 meters.

Best travel destination place in Bangladesh - Sundarban

Sundarban : This spot is situated in two countries- Bangladesh and India. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It covers about 10,000 square km. It is a UNESCO heritage spot. In this forest people can see Royal Bengal Tiger (national animal of Bangladesh. After the Amazon tropical forest the world listed it.

Mainamati : It is situated in Comilla. It is about eight miles from the main town of Comilla. There are many Buddhist sites in this area. There is a museum in this spot which has a rich collection of gold and silver coins, cooper plates and 86 bronze objects.

Jaflong : People who come in Sylhet most of them visit this wonderful spot. Many wonderful things are here. Among them tea Garden, Dauki Bazar, Khasia Rajbari, Orange gardens is very wonderful.

Sompaura Mahavihara : This place is also known as Buddhist viharas. This place is famous for its exceptional design. This popular spot is situated in Paharpur Bihar.

However, Bangladesh is called the queen of beauty. You can visit these best travel destination place in Bangladesh in your vacation.

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