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Best Travel Accessories A Traveler Must Have

Travel is a bigger deal than just going somewhere you have not been before. Maybe you are thrilled, but recall it is not unimportant to do a little organizing first. There are many different ways to begin planning a vacation and a lot of different places to go. Are you convinced you've got what it takes? Following are some of my best travel accessories I have carried with me.

You need to be gearing up to get a memorable holiday. Not one that's full of difficulties, this really is why great quality travel accessories are not so unimportant. You might take into consideration obtaining a bigger bag rather than smaller bags if you are planning on taking lots of things with you on your own trip. Obviously, this is not the only thing that you should be pondering about. You also should take into consideration the devices that you may be depriving them off with you - for example, a camera, notebook, mobile phone and what you are heading to carry them in. Ensuring you have them protected is one method of preventing any problems in the future.

Are you a frequent traveler?

If you are a frequent traveler travelling accessories are worth investing in specially. Getting the appropriate gears can allow you to make your trips more gratifying and more comfortable and free you up from some concerns. Because there are tones of places for you in terms of accessories for travel, you may not run out of options. When you take some time to seek in their opinion whether you desire to get them in stores near you or on the web, you can nevertheless receive the best deals out there.

You may forget important travelling accessories when you are rushing to the next location or to take a flight. Journey demands that you've got established and a specific strategy of notions before booking your travel seats and rooms at your resort. This article will help break everything you need step by stage down.

This is the Ultimate guide

Hello and welcome. I am ExpertBond and I have been travelling for quite some time now. And during that period I have carried with me many travel gears. I want to share with all of you the Best Travel Accessories in my opinion. Having used almost every travel gears has enabled me to create a list. This list is the only list you are going to need in order to be a successful traveler.

Bluesmart- Smart Luggage

Best Travel Accessories

Lightweight Design  

Smartphone Locking

Water Resistant

Features :

  • Very lightweight 
  • Comfortable 
  • Great stability 
best travel accessories

The most common requirement for travelling overseas is a good luggage. In order to keep all your belonging safe and well packed, a luggage is a necessity. The Bluesmart- Smart Luggage is one of the best I have come across.


It is quite perfect for travelers who are looking for a luggage that empowers them to be quick and efficient with their packing and excursion (multiple pockets, pouches, and undoubtedly some technical perks). The charger is worthwhile! I have walked, cabbed, bussed, trained, and flown with my Bluesmart – it’s really easy to haul and carry around. The compartment for the notebook is amazing. Soft padding, multiple compartments, some with zippers, feels safer in there than in my briefcase. I’d say use that is ideal would be a weeklong excursion, especially when there are transportation system or space problems involved. It’s the ideal carry-on for the frequent flier.


There are two charging ports, works great, (a solid charging cord is also included), and is a necessary attribute – I find myself using it at some point on each trip I require.


Remote locking feature is cool, there’s a slight piece of thoughts there (2 keys are also included with the bag in the front pocket). The locking mechanism itself works there’s also characteristic for it to auto-lock when you’re a certain distance from the tote. TSA approved nothing but love.


The app is great. You can lock your luggage from your Smartphone. This enables you to lock it instantly. Many luggage have locks which are not great. But this luggage has great locking system. Not only that. The app allows you to track your luggage. If you have mistakenly left out your luggage the app will give you a signal.



The quality of the luggage is excellent and love the sleek design. Lightweight (weighs about 10 pounds) yet long-lasting, and feels modern. The materials and plastics all feel quite durable and well made. Front pocket is perfect for a laptop, makes it simple to pull out at security

Overall this is an excellent luggage in my opinion. And I strongly believe you will love it too.

best travel gear

Tylt ENERGI Power bank + Backpack

This is a magic back pack!! I'd recommend this bag even if it didn't have the option to power devices.

This is a must have backpack if you are tech enthusiast.

Best travel Accessories

This backpack displays how we have moved on to the new century. Add the power cord, laptops, etc. and the bag can get quite hefty. Picking it up by the top handle, you are able to tell how heavy it's - use the straps and wear as a backpack and you'd never understand how heavy it is!!!

I do not know if it's the balance or the padding that is incredible - whatever it's, it doesn't feel heavy on my back. Walking through airports, from parking lots, from carrying this backpack wherever, my back and legs do not get fatigued.

I have given it to friends and they say it is magic, also!!

Are you a Perfectionist?

Two unbelievably minor drawbacks, to be honest (nothing's perfect, after all). The zipper on the earbuds pocket in the strap has broken (it comes reversed in the back of the zipper when closed).

It's not a deal-breaker - I can get it close enough that my earbuds are not going anyplace.

Another thing is it'd be nice to have another compartment for free 8.5x11 papers and laptops.

Sure, I could place those in the notebook area, but when going through security and opening up the zipper for check point-friendly use (which I LOVE, too), I've to place those loose papers or laptops someplace.

The front pocket can carry the loose papers, but they'll get wrinkled.

Overall, it is a fantastic bag!!

best travel gear

Best DoubleNest Hammock

best travel accessories

If you love outdoors the Double Nest hammock should be in your wish list.

This hammock is amazingly simple to put up lightweight and comfortable for relaxing or napping. It truly is years ahead of the rope hammock that I used to have: it's more affordable, lighter and way more comfortable than that rope one that is big.

Therefore I was very pleased to get it. Plus, so it stays cleaner than my rope hammock did this hammock is very simple to pack up to set it up or put it away.

  • Made of very high-quality material
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Large size can easily rest comfortably
  • Easy to carry
  • Very durable

2 in 1?

Although this is a double hammock, the two individuals sharing would need to be either short people or very OK with the idea of cuddling with each other.

Because, unlike a bed, there's no way for people to be one side of the hammock while the second person gets another side. The instructions say the hammock has a weight limit of 400 pounds, and the material is so lightweight that I'd hesitate to get close to that limit.

High Recommendation

I love using this hammock alone and using the excess "double sized" fabric like a sheet or blanket. The extra cloth keeps me cozy and gets comfy, and I fold it over myself and also functions as a barrier against insects.

As a result of this, I 'd urge the double sized hammock even to singletons who do not mean to use the hammock with another person.

best travel gear

WindPouch Inflatable Hammock

best travel accessories

After seeing this product on social media, I purchased it and was determined to take the plunge. While there were not many more expensive versions available on many different sites. Because it seemed to come in the most reliable, I chose for the WindPouch brand. As it appeared to be made from the superior material.

The Pros:

  • Mobile. I've considered this matter with me. Once I took it to a trip. All of my friends were very curious about this hammock.
  • Everyone started asking me from where I got it from. All of them wanted one. While it isn't the simplest thing to get into, it is much easier than I expected and after tipping out a few times, I quickly got the hang of it.
  • Once you might be in, it's quite cozy and relatively sturdy.
  • Guarantee. After a few weeks, my WindPouch began to leak atmosphere. I wasn’t certain how this occurred since I don't use it.
  • Besides, they offered to have me send it back and let them repair it. I managed to figure it out in around a quarter hour, although the directions for installing the new tubing weren’t the greatest.

The Cons:

  • The tube inside is comparatively thin and flimsy, although the fabric outer layer is comfortable. I only realized this when changing out the liner, though, so perhaps it's not weak enough to withstand most of the elements.
  • While the pockets on the side of the WindPouch are great for holding your mobile or wallet, the bottle/can holder is also badly positioned to hold anything and is merely an elastic strap with no bottom. This characteristic is not comparatively useful.

Overall, I love the product. I would recommend this to anyone. This is amongst the Best Travel Accessories I have used.

You should definitely check it out if you love outdoors.

best travel gear

Sony DSCRX100M2/B 20.2 MP Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera

Best Travel Camera

What good is a vacation without bringing back pictures?

A picture allows us to relive memories. The Sony camera is among the best travel accessories you should own. It essentially just came down to a point where I told myself this during a vacation.

I am not a professional photographer. Merely a serious hobbyist who enjoys getting quality pictures during family holidays and trips. And don't intend to shoot action that is fast or sports.

No more. To be honest, it was shooting the "entertaining" away from photography. After several hours of walking around during trips (wherever I would be), I would only feel exhausted and determined to dump my camera bag somewhere and leave it there forever.

At specific times, it started to feel more like a "duty" to crouch down and get this particular terrible shot.

  • Very Compact
  • Great picture quality.
  • Great picture details
  • Easily fits into any backpack
  • Good battery backup

DSLR Replacement?

Don't get me wrong. I 'm conscious that among other larger cameras, with DSLR's, you might be able to get magnificent results and pictures that I may not get with my RX100M2. It's vice versa.

There will additionally be photos I get with my RX100M2 that I would never have gotten with my DSLR. This could be in your best travel accessories list if you love taking photos.

It's ASTOUNDING image and video quality for a camera this size. As it is possible to get it is as close to DSLR.

VERY well constructed, not plastic stuff that was inexpensive.

There is NO better-traveling camera.

I use this gem on a regular basis. And don't have any serious problems till now. If are in look for a compact yet good camera this is the one you should go for.

best travel gear

Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses

Traveling means being outdoors. Outdoor means sun.

In order to protect your eyes from direct sunlight a sunglasses is a must.

The Ray Ban Sunglasses is really cool if put simply. The sunglasses frame is made of plastic with metal on the side. The glass i polarized with awesome finish.

Ray-Ban RB4105 Sunglasses

Excellent trendy merchandise that will make people turns their eyes. The lenses still appear dark to look black although it is advertised as the colors. You can surely tell the hint of green when looking at it but gives the general Ray prohibition lens look.

When I am on a rush this sunglasses stays on my best travel accessories list. I always tend to keep this on my travel backpack.

The folding mechanism seems strong, and the "Ray Ban" sign on the metal back of the nose bridge looks classy.

So not only will this protect your eyes on a vacation. But will also make you look classy.

The case is very classy as well with it is a leather looking box that fits the folded camera.

It includes a cleaning clothe as well. Because of the folding nature, some folks mightn't be happy with having to wrap their eyeglasses every time they should place it. But the size shrink is great and considerable to add to purses or bigger pockets.

The glasses can also fold the same manner as shades that are regular to place in your shirt or such nicely.

best travel gear

Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter

If you are traveling from countries to countries a travel adapter is a must.

best travel accessories

The Kikkerland Travel adapter should be in your best travel accessories wish list. This can be the most compact and lightweight travel adapter for 2-prong North American plugs (Type A).

Unlike many budgets (and non-budget) Universal adapters this special one takes North American polarized 2-prong plugs generally found in shavers, hairdryers and other toilet appliances - the type where one flat prong is a bit bigger than the other flat prong.

This adapter doesn't take nor adapt to the Swiss, grounded plug where the central earth-pin is round, and the plugs are 3 in a row.

  The truth

The truth is, most multi-nation travel adapters usually do not fit the Swiss plugs since they are quite different from each other. The build quality is ok at best probably due to its light weight. Fixing the prongs feels a bit fiddly and frail at the start, but is fixing once corrected.

So long as the receiving outlet isn't too tight, then this does what it is designed to do. It has up to now lived over 40 trips in the previous two years to nations all over Europe and Asia.

As in most travel adapters, the middle pin will not provide grounding and is plastic. Urged as a lightweight backup travel adapter to be used in N. America, UK, Europe (except Switzerland), Australia and parts of Asia.

This adapter doesn't take nor adapt to the Swiss, grounded plug where the central earth-pin is round, and the plugs are 3 in a row.

  Must Have

Overall you must buy this adapter if you travel frequently. This will save you tons of head ache.

You will not have to worry about the electric outlet being different.

I definitely recommend this product as it has saved me tons of time and money.

best travel gear

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

If you are a camper this is a must gear to have. This is one of the best travel accessories I purchased.

best travel accessories

This has helped me immensely. This is a smartly constructed product.

It's long enough beverage without having your face too close and to stick to a water source. It doesn't have another straw to loosen of fall out like the other smaller products out there.

Unlike the LiveSaver merchandise, that is expensive and substantial.

Pour water into it and you do not have to fumble around if water drips over. This seems to have all the filtration benefits in a compact size appropriate for a backpack.

It comes in a sealed bag so it can remain clean and dry until you have to put it to use.

This should be used as a secondary water source

Wow is all I will say!

A friend of mine recently used this product drink it and to filter his own pee.

While in the field with nothing but a single canteen of water his team was left in military survival school. His canteen had foolishly filled with coffee instead of water so was forced to find an alternate source of H2O if he needed to stay hydrated.

After much discussion filter it out using the LifeStraw and he decided to urinate into a cup. This demonstrates that the LifeStraw is the ultimate survival product!

This life straw private filter is for emergency back-up just. They're for when you're the main method of getting clean water leaves up the creek without a paddle and go belly up.

I’ve one in my primary pack and one in my pack that is secondary.

Make sure to read the directions properly.

Overall perspective

Overall this is a great product to use.

Especially if you’re a hiker or a camper. This has been one the best travel accessories that I have personally used. It’s ultra compact and easy to carry gear.

You should give it a try.

best travel gear

All In All

Overall, these are the best travel accessories that I have shared with you.

Hopefully, these will help you in your travel expeditions. I have used them thoroughly and continue to use them.

These products have been my all time favorite. And I surely know they will be your favorite too.

Note: Many of the links in this post are affiliate links, That means if you click through and buy listed gadget or something you like, I will earn a small commission on the sale (at no extra cost to you, of course!).

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