Best Time to Bike Across America


Do you like adventure? Of course, you do! Because you are here. When you peruse an adventurous life, your adventure can be anything you want. Since you are reading this article, we are sure that you are about to start or think of starting a biking adventure.

We assure you that biking across the United States of America is an excellent experience. Now it is summer season. And this is the Best Time to Bike across America. This adventure will give you the chance to test your physical endurance. It will be an educational experience like no other ones you had in your entire life.

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Why Should You Do This in Summer?

You should do this because it is affordable, accessible and impressive. And summer is the time when it is so much fun to ride a bike in America. Before or after that you may risk running into cold weather. Anytime between June to August will be a lovely ride.

Best Time to Bike Across America

If you prepare yourself before the ride and expect physical, emotional and physiological jolts in the road, then the bike ride will be a joyful adventure. It will change you in unimaginable ways. You think you are too busy to do this right now? Yes, we know that this is the hardest barrier for you to overcome. You cannot easily quit your job so you can ride a bicycle across the country. If you cannot manage enough time for a complete tour, always there are options for splitting the trip up to 2-3 legs which can be completed at different times.

It will reveal your sense of adventure and self-reliance that you had forgotten. We are all born with a sense of adventure and self-reliance which is being destroyed by the modern life’s rat race. It is your chance to get out of the rat race at least for some times. It will help you make your life simple.

If you are a student, this trip fits into your summer vacation. Imagine what could be more adventurous and awesome than spending your summer vacation biking across the country! The shortest cross-country bike route is about three thousand miles. You can do it at a comfortable pace in about two months. After finishing the trip, when you get back to school, you will have the best stories to tell.

While biking in summer across the country, you can eat like there is no tomorrow. Eat whatever you want to eat. Still, you can lose weight. It can be enough reason to bike across the country.

Understanding America through Biking:

The city people may get the sense that the whole world is so developed and full of peoples, buildings, and roads. If you are from suburbs or city of America, you also may think like this. But you should know that most of the United States is still undeveloped. There is lots of space out there. There are beautiful lands. If you take the journey, you will be riding through different regions which will give you perspective on other cultures and beliefs. It will enrich your knowledge of understanding America. You will learn to empathize with people of your contradictory beliefs. Bicycling across America will give you a chance to have a firsthand and personal experience of rich cultural diversity throughout the country.


Biking is considered one of the most exciting and enriching way of traveling. And surely biking across America in this summer will be an unforgettable trip. If you ever thought about a crazy bike trip, this summer might be the best time to do it. Get ready for the great adventure.

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