Best Places to Travel Alone – 4 Places to Visit Solo

Best places to travel alone, A trip solo could be an unbelievable experience. But in case of your travel alone for the first time or you are not having much before then it could be critical to select the right spot or destination. There are some countries that are so easy to tour alone comparing to others. Selecting the right destinations could affect your experiences that you will return with.


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For the Best Places to Travel Alone Select a Trouble-free country

Apparently, if you like to make a trip alone to an unknown country, there is a thing that you can do always. It does not stand as a mandatory for you, but for your best of safety you should choose an easy country for the solo traveler. Here we are listing of some 5 easy best places to travel alone for the tourists to visit solo.

Best Places to Travel Alone Hong Kong

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1. Hong Kong, China

The people who have not traveled to Hong Kong, they will not find any differences with other busy business hubs, like NYC or Shanghai. Well, we are talking about the alone people who want to observe the real part of the city. Hong Kong is the unique joint of the rich history of China with modern influences.

In the Western part of the country is full of different dishes to tickle the taste buts. Since there is fried crab at the floating restaurant in Aberdeen and the Night Market of the Temple Street’s pots of rice casserole. You will become a lover of glamorous nightclubs in the Lan Kwai Fong which is well known as the “party street.”

Best Places to Travel Alone toronto

2. Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the city of Southern Ontario, which is located on the Lake Ontario’s northern area. It’s a rich history behind a thriving city. You can take a whole day escaping from the city life to explore the islands of Toronto. Get into a ferry to see the eight islands collection. It welcomes with its green atmosphere under the cityscape of Toronto. Instead of cars, you have to enjoy nice biking or strolling. In the city, look out at the world best St. Lawrence Market.

3. South island of New Zealand

There are so many excitement for a solo traveler in the beautiful south island of New Zealand, including zorbing, skiing, horse riding, kayaking, skydiving, bungy jumping, hiking, whitewater rafting, jet boating and many more. As a result it’s  scenery of jaw-dropping of all around the island made it a small country with a large outdoor playground. Its nice lakes, mountains, craggy coastline, glaciers made it one of the gorgeous place on the planet.

Best Places to Travel Alone Verona

4. Verona, Italy

Verona in Italy is a province in the middle of Venice and Milan. It’s the most perfect spot for a solo trip on cross-country. Many people think it as the birthplace of romantic history, but there is something more than you know from Facebook about Juliet’s Balcony. Take out some time for Verona’s Piazza delle Erbe at the open-air market of the city. Moreover, get listed to visit at Allegrini for famous wine, the premier vineyard of the area and many more.

So, these places for the best places to travel alone in some Trouble-free countries are the best choice for solo travelers. But, you must be careful about the local rules, customs, culture etc. You should not underestimate these places.

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