Backpacker Travel Insurance

Always compare before getting any online travel insurance or backpacker travel insurance. This is also known as student travel insurance or long stay travel insurance. This travel insurance will insure students or travelers for travel abroad for extended period of time up to 12 months. Some may extend this period up to 24 months with terms and condition.

Let’s Read About Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel InsuranceThe backpackertravel insurance generally covers the individual for personal accident, missed departure, medical expense, cancellation and much more. Whether you are planning to go Fiji, climbing Mt. Everest, taking 7 days Inca trail trek, scuba driving or bungee jumping this month then choose backpacker insurance for cover your adventure activities.

Many travel insurance company offers very smart insurance plans with conditions. So, before you go for an insurance plan, read all the insurance policy statement carefully. All the price of a premium depends on your age, duration and destinations of your trip and so on.

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Why You Need Backpacker Travel Insurance

We have put together a reference guide to help to decide, why you should need Backpack Travel Insurance.

Backpacker policy conditions

This travel policy coverage varies on many things, but there are some things in common with every travel insurance companies. Some are given below here.

  • Maximum age limit is starting from 34 to 99.
  • Trip duration went from 31 days to 24 month
  • Not all travel policy covers adventures activities. If any they allows few light adventure trips.
  • Only half insurance company allows return to gap of the year.
  • Volunteering abroad or working in abroad was not always covered by all the companies.

Some things to consider

If you are planning to work in abroad then read your policy manual one more time. Most backpacker policy covers you for light manual work. Such as bar and restaurant work, clerical and fruit packing but not anything heavy like working with machinery or heavy work manual.

Backpacker travel insurance companies generally cover some certain amount of adventure activities. Like, bungee jumping, scuba diving, horse riding etc. if you need you can upgrade your policy with the company terms. Hazardous activities can increase the greater risk, so usually insurance company avoid hem or consider it on your policy with a high premium. Hand gliding, white water rafting and parachuting would be considered as a high-risk category.

What has covered backpack insurance policy?

Backpacker travel insurance cover usual things you would expect to find in a standard policy. Including,

  • Lose of baggage
  • Medical cover
  • Illness and accident
  • Emergency repatriation
  • Adventures sports etc.

Look for those travel insurance which can cover travel to many countries. You can upgrade your travel policy depending on whether your traveling.

What is not covered in your backpack insurance policy?

There are some things which are not considered as no-insurable things in travel insurance. Camera, mobile phones, tabs, laptops are not covers on this policies. It will be best if you don’t travel with these elements but if you need them on your travel that we recommend you to add these to your home insurance policy.

Get the police coverage early

It’s best to get a travel insurance before you start your journey. So you can get the time to research, compare and organize all the work before you leave the country. Also, if there is a cancellation of your trip the policy can cover up. But if you forget to buy insurance before you go for the trip then there are some travel insurance companies who provide cover late rip insurances.

Thing to look out when you buy insurance

Age duration and physical conditions

85% travel insurance policy allows minimum age at 18 for the policy. But some insurance companies allow 16 and 19 as the minimum age limit. Some policies fixed the maximum young age limit at 35. In addition many backpackers give coverage for 60, 70, and even 90 also. But the conditions of this age criteria are not same. Some backpackers might add a further clause in place restricting age for specific activities. Like winter sports or anything else.

Insurance policies coverage also depends on the traveler health issues. Also, it depends on in which countries you are traveling to.

Duration of the trip

The backpacker travel policy also varies on the duration of the trip. It varies from 31 days to 24 months and 57% of policies provided cover for trips lasting more than 1 year. And 31% only covered travelers for 1 year. The rest of the percentage, which means 12%, covered your policy on 360days journey or less than that day.

Returning country

Half of the policy allowed a return to your countries in an emergency. Like attending any family functions, family emergency or just home comfort at New Year eve.

Baggage and valuables

Your backpacker travel insurance policy will be valid for lost or stolen baggage and other valuable things. The coverage of the insurance policies may not same for all. Some give the average return from the policy and some can be just fair. But there are some insurance policies never provide any cover at all. So keep it in mind before you are going to buy any policy.


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Having a trip in any disturbed areas

Your policy will not give any coverage in war zones or politically disturb areas. Check carefully for exclusion clues because traveling any countries or area against foreign and commonwealth office advice is a common exclusion.

Some tips

Else, you can purchase an adequate gadget policy which will cover these Backpacker Travel Insuranceitems easily. Try to shop around low-cost cheap student travel insurance, it will surprisingly help you to save the money.

The policy terms and conditions, exclusion varies from policy to policy, company to company. So it is very important for you to compare the travel insurances.

In conclusion, buy only that insurance which covers up all your destinations you want to visit, the duration of travels, sports activity consideration and other important things of your necessity. Be aware, before you, sign insurance paper or buy it online, read each and every document carefully. So get a perfect Backpacker Travel insurance for your trip and have happy journey!

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