Backpack With Shoe Compartment – My Top Picks

Wind Of Change:

Long gone are the days of traditional backpacks. Backpacks today are no longer of one type of size. Today there are many different types of backpacks. Gladly backpack manufacturers today are coming up with more and more new types of backpacks every day. However, backpack with shoe compartment is one of such. Today a lot of companies around the world are trying hard to make the best backpack with shoe compartment. And gladly some are doing a pretty great job. Others not so well.

As a purpose of travelling to many different places, I have had the opportunity to try out many different types of bags. And a backpack with shoe compartment was nothing new. I used many of them throughout my entire career. They are really great to use, to be honest. These bags have an insane amount of volume and do, a pretty good job of fitting almost everything. They are also heavy, duty which means you can use them on the toughest of conditions without even thinking of it getting damaged.

However choosing the best backpack with shoe compartment can be a bit difficult. As there are so many of them out there. But don’t worry because I am here to talk to you about three backpacks which I think in my opinion are the best. So without further delay let’s get into it.

Oakley’s Backpack With Shoe Compartment :

Oakley is a pretty well-known name when it comes to travel backpacks and travel or camping gear. They have a very good brand value about them. Likewise, they also do a good job making a backpack with shoe compartment. Oakley is one of my favourite companies and I purchase their products from Amazon quite often.

Now let’s come to the product that I will be talking about. The Oakley Men’s Big Kitchen Backpack. This is a 35-liter huge backpack which can almost hold anything. And I mean like anything. Starting from your gadgets,accessories and most importantly your footwear.


This backpack with shoe compartment is filled with many compartments and chains. The main compartment on the top can easily store heavy books due to its spacious interior. If you are someone who loves extra small pockets don't worry. There are small pockets as well which are great for storing small electronics,school supplies and other small stuff that you may need.

Many of us have to work even when we are travelling. And for the ones who have to access their laptops on the go, there is a very nice feature as well. The 17-inch laptop pocket is reinforced with Red Code molded protection to prevent damage from bumps and small drops.

And if you are still someone who is very concerned about security and safety then don't worry. There are multiple exterior zip pockets. These pockets are very well cushioned and are able to store sensitive accessories such as your glasses or electronic devices. However, the main attraction of this backpack is the shoe compartment. Now for us all shoes get dirty and keeping them in the same compartment with other things is not ideal. This is why this backpack with shoe compartment is important. The compartment on the bottom will separate footwear from the rest of your stuff to prevent dirt and debris mixing in your precious backpack.

In addition to the huge compartments, you will also like the backpack's bolstered shoulder and the comfortable waist straps which will make travelling easier.

Key Features:

  • Width – 17".
  • Height – 24".
  • Bullet Point 2Volume-2136 CU In.
  • 70% Nylon 30% polyester.
  • 420 denier nylon , 330 denier nylon lining, 200 denier polyester.
  • Pockets (external) 1 lid media, 1 bottom compartment, (internal) organizer panel.


  • Huge side pockets.
  • Very good build quality.
  • Convenient sunglass pocket.
  • Very durable and can take a lot of damage.
  • Heavy duty straps make the backpack comfortable.
  • Despite the backpack having huge volume, it isn't heavy and does a good job balancing weight.


  • More padding on the shoulder straps would have been a nice feature to add.
  • The waist strap does not contain enough padding to make it comfortable.
  • Zippers are too stiff and hard in my opinion.
  • The loops on the side of the bottom compartments on the side are plastic.
  • These look really cheap.
  • The laptop compartment can't fit laptops more than 17 inches.

2.Four Water Resistant Compartments:

Even though you may not have heard the name of KOSOX much often. They produce great backpacks with a very affordable price. To be honest, before purchasing it I was very skeptical as I didn't hear the name of the manufacturer before. But all my confusions were gone when I started using it.

The KOSOX® Large 4 Compartment 40L Travel Unisex Water Resistant Ripstop Backpack, in my opinion, is a great backpack with shoe compartment. The medium sized bag looks great and does a great job in keeping your stuff together. It is also water resistant which makes it perfect for people who like hiking or travelling a lot.

The backpack is made from thicker Water and Tear Resistant Nylon material, provide strengthen and long-lasting performance with minimal weight. The adjustable and breathable padded shoulder straps meet different requirements for both men and women. The back is also padded with foam which increases breathability and comfort.


The compartments are really roomy and can probably hold every travel gear of yours. I was able to store my hammock,shoes,sleeping bag,clothes,towel, journal. As weird as it sounds it is true. The space on the main compartment is more than enough.

The two separate front pouches are a very nice feature as well. They are perfect for storing small and portable items such as your cell phone,headphones,chargers,power bank etc. There is also a separate shoe compartment to put your dirty shoes. You can even put a sleeping bag in here. On each side of the backpack, there is a sports bottle pocket and a hitch strap to hang on the Trekking Pole. The backpack is very comfortable and easy to carry thanks to the waist tightening adjustment system and the chest clips that help tighten the backpack against your body. The straps and the back panel is really well padded allowing better comfort and breathability. Now that we have looked at the main components of the backpack. Let's have a look at the other key features as well.

Key Features

  • Size: 21 x 13 x 8.66 inches (H x W x D).
  • Capacity: 40 liters.
  • 1 Main Compartment, 1 headset Pouch, 1 .2 Sports Bottle Holder, and Padded Backpack Strap with Chest Clip.
  • Made from thicker Water and Tear Resistant Nylon material.


  • Water and tear Resistant.
  • Perfect size for travellers.
  • The material is thick and sturdy.
  • The zippers are very well built and work perfectly.
  • The straps and the back panel is insanely comfortable.
  • Small pockets on the shoulder straps are a nice feature.
  • Stays very stable on your back and does not hurt due to a long time of use.
  • Comes in a number of very appealing colors.


  • There is only one huge main compartment which makes it a bit difficult to organise stuff.
  • You may not like it if you are someone who trusts in brand value as this is not a very recognisable brand.

3.Undeniable Under Armour:

Under Armour has been a very well known brand for everyone around the world. Be it athletes,sports enthusiasts or campers. Under Armour has served all of them pretty well. I am a huge fan of their products. I have owned quite a few as well. And to be honest I have not been disappointed to this day. The Under Armour Storm Undeniable II Backpack is no exception. It is a great backpack with shoe compartment. This backpack, in my opinion, is perfect for any use. Be it taking it to your classes or long trips. This does a pretty good job.

The backpack is made from 100% polyester. It is very well built and sturdy. The bottom panel is very tough and abrasion-resistant. I have used this bag for quite some time and I must say there are some features that make it different from others. First, it opens from the top only so it stands up while you are filling it and when it's empty, as opposed to backpacks that zip halfway open that tend to "flop over" when empty or half-full.

There is also a soft lined laptop sleeve which can hold up to 15" laptops. The front is water repellent which will protect your valuables. 2 side-zip water bottle pockets. The shoulder straps and the back panel is very comfortable. Front chest strap buckles shut to keep the backpack snug.

Key Features

  • 100% PolyesterUA Storm technology delivers an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish.
  • Tough, abrasion-resistant bottom panel.
  • Foam reinforced panels add protection.
  • Soft lined laptop sleeve-holds up to 15" laptop.
  • Water-repellent front valuables pocket to keep your stuff safe.
  • Pockets: 1 interior slip, 4 exteriors.


  • Lots of separate pockets.
  • Sturdy and solid build.
  • The zipper on the back opens into a compartment that shares space with the main compartment.
  • This is perfect for storing dirty shoes and clothes.
  • Balances the weight pretty well making it comfortable to carry.


  • Not ideal for hiking.
  • The arm straps may seem a bit too large for some people.
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